Just Maybe

by nadsyy   May 31, 2009

Close your eyes,
Take my hand,
And let me show you a world you just won't understand

Day by day
I pray you'll see how I feel
Hoping you'll think it's the real deal

In my dreams I'm thinking of you,
And I wonder if you ever think of me
For a guy like you makes me wonder why
I can just touch the sky and pretend to fly

I try my best to let you go
It's hard you know, I wish you knew,
Just what I was going through

All I do now is cry for you
Every tear drop that falls down
Comes with a frown

This might be crazy...
But I still love you and I'm missing you
I'm just a mess...
There I've just confessed

I don't want us to end
Your the only one on my mind
Can't you see,
My love for you will never end

Just maybe one day
You'll see how I feel
Maybe you'll take me back
And forget her...

I'm missing you like crazy
I just can't imagine my life with out you
I'm trying to survive and last
And somehow forget the past

But just letting you know
I'm not going anywhere
I'll still be here, still waiting and wondering
If you'll ever understand how I feel
And wonder if you'll ever give us another chance
Just maybe...


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  • 10 years ago

    by Ken

    I think im da first to comment but good job dis iz y u on my fav list now