Good bye.

by crazycarebear   Jun 10, 2009

Staring at a bottle of pills,
Thoughts racing through her mind.
Quietly she asks herself,
"Is today the day I die?"
She opens up the bottle,
And with a shaking hand
She downs them with a monster
As quickly as she can.
She grabs another bottle,
And downs those pills as well.
She smiles even though
She knows she'll go to Hell.
She doesn't want to hurt them,
But if she lives she will.
She says, "This is the last time,"
And takes the final pill.
Quietly she starts to laugh,
And then she makes a fist.
She grabs a shining knife,
And slices up her wrist.
No ones there to see this.
It's late.
They're all in bed.
They'll wake up in the morning, and be shocked to find her dead.


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