Hit Or Miss

by StandStill   Jun 15, 2009

I fell asleep last night,
dreaming to the sunset
and willow-washing through the speaker of
a slightly-broken telephone.
I hear you in my dreams,
and now you're
f-following me around
like Thanksgiving smell
or the sight of a car crash.

Under moonlight,
I found inspiration,
and scribbled nothings on my wall.
Waking this morning,
I find that I forget every letter
I've ever seen or tasted on
this double edg'd tongue.
Do you remember the letters?

Apple cider mornings can
ruin summer days.
All I'm praying for is
the escape of dreaming up your voice.


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  • 10 years ago

    by BlueJay

    I really like the use of imagery in this piece, it is a description of its own and it says a lot about the things you realize. The emotion is so strong and it is expressed in such a personal way to you, or so it seems, and an unusual way to the rest of us. I love the originality of this piece as well as the fact that you could say so much in only three stanzas. Wow.

    Superb job.



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