by StandStill   Jun 9, 2009

Time is at a stand-still,
'cause we're not moving now.
Tell me, am I dying?
'C-cause my air is slipping out.
They tell me that I'm breathing,
but I don't taste it in my veins.
The words are coming slowly,
as their blinking through the pain.
It's like the world is foggy,
or I'm slipping through a trance.
Oh, darling, won't you tell me,
what happened to our dance?
Once we stepped so lightly,
tumbling all around.
And now we're landing roughly,
shattered pieces on the ground.
Tell me, is this better?
Did I do it right?
'Cause I'm surviving in the day time,
but then there goes the light.
I sleep for one whole hour
before I hear your voice,
you're raging through the telephone,
you're whispering quiet noise.
Tell me, do you hear me?
Do you cry the way I do?
Or maybe I'm another one,
you'll move on in a day or two.
I guess that's what I'd rather.
I'd hate to see you hurt.
Tears are pitter-pattering
and nails are streaked with dirt.
I hear you in the sunset,
I taste you in my smile.
And I've been begging God to make it stop,
make the hurt stop for a while.
But time is at a stand-still,
and you are swimming fast...
No, I can't (won't) catch my breath.
The end of the dance.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by JustKristina

    Wow babe. This is amazing. . . but i guess which poems of your aren't? I think the end could maybe say "This is the end of the the dance" idk, i'm not as good at this as you are. I just think the end doesnt flow as well. . . but other than that, wow it was breathtaking. Tugged at the heart, because i know this feeling. Its so raw to me right now that it burned.

    Keep it up Gabskey dear. I love you

  • 10 years ago

    by Skyfire

    Beautiful, beautiful writing! This line was especially my favorite: "Oh, darling, won't you tell me, / what happened to our dance?"

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