by StandStill   Jun 7, 2009

Seems like a long year
since yesterday,
lookin' back in the rearview mirror
of the truck I'm draggin' over my
Seems like a lifetime
since an hour ago
when I started this

Tell me, do you know me
like I know the feeling in my lungs,
where the air is gone,
skippin' straight to a whirpool brain,
and there ain't no escape.
I think I'd rather

Takes too much work
to 'pen my eyes,
so I just keep 'em closed,
yeah, they're shut down tight.
And I'll keep walls there,
to prevent the world from seepin' in.
'Cause I've finally learned
my lesson.

You'll find an error in these phrases,
one that only you would find.
And you'll bend it over backwards,
back over my spine.
And maybe I can escape into the yesterdays
that I've got loopin' through my mind.
Or maybe I'll just die.

Tell me,
in a year from now,
do you think you'd even mind?


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