The Clouds Sit High While The Grass Lays Low.

by ABake   Jul 3, 2009

All I can hear is your whispers, but I can't see your eyes- We are covered in darkness, your arms firmly grasping my thin body. The clouds are high above us and the grass is too low, just give us something to believe in; "I believe in our love" he whispered to me in the darkness that night, I giggled and replied so do I. I just woke up from a dream you see, a dream the sleeping part of me should not have seen.

He kissed me as we walked along the water- His right hand clasped with my left; Just the way I like it. The birds are too close and the sun is too bright, but I am trying to erase those thoughts. We keep walking, we must be walking in circles now- I swear I've seen this place before. The birds are calling to each other, or perhaps they are calling for me to spread my wings and fly like them...

"I try so hard to avoid the rain as it pours, but when we're together all of the tiny raindrops dissappear into a heavy mist- And suddenly, the water droplets vanish into thin air. Our love is like that, when were together you see, its like a thunderstorm without the wind. Its like the wind without the rain, its like me loving you forever without any pain."

He wrote that you see, he wrote in the clouds. He wanted to show the world how much I mean to him, I suppose. But even drugs with the best intentions end up creating the worst addictions. He asked me what I meant by that and all I could say was- the grass is too high and the wind is too strong. But lets forget about that, I love you more than the taste of homemade lemonade on a hot summer day.

He actually wrote the part in quotations :)
Hope you like.


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