Sources Of Heartbreak Are Stacking Up

by ABake   Aug 7, 2009

My heart is breaking and the source of my pain has stacked up to more than one- Sean McGee sings it right and he sings it true; "Look me in the eyes and try to feel my pain. Do you know how it feels to be left out in rain?" Every day is the same story, the same excuses and the same tears that fall from my tired eyes. I'm wishing on every wishing well, shooting star, and 11:11. (Don't think for a minute I believe my wishes will come true, things like that don't happen to people like me.)

It's been days since I've felt a true happiness in my heart, since I've felt like a real teenager... It's not fair; I don't even have the chance to disobey and get in trouble; I make my own rules. It's me who decides when I come and go, where I go and where I stay. Going hungry for days on end and begging for a little love from anyone who will give it...

I just want to be a teenager, and do the things teenagers do. My heart is longing to be set free from this emotional pain I am forced to feel every day. Loosing this friend and that one, getting kicked out of this house to another, failing in multiple aspects of life. Soon enough, the one who has my heart will have had enough too. My thoughts swarm my mind from every angle and I have had enough...

No one really wants to know what is going on, and no one really cares. Its the truth of life everyone knows but will never admit- Judge me, I dare you. One piece of advice before you do, put yourself in my shoes. I might have small feet but I've ran too many miles in this crazy game called life. So, I challenge you to live my life for one day.


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