You came back

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..   Jul 19, 2009

You walked away so determined
Upon a path full of so much heartache
I stood there
Listening to the whispers of the darkness
As you walked into it

I saw the piece of me you took with you
Disappear into your eyes
A felt the hole inside me where it use to be
Throbbing, spreading its pain throughout me
Everything rushed inside
To try and mend it
But nothing could replace what I had lost

And then your story drifted to me in the wind
Shattering everything around it
Even me

Desperately I sent all I had
Hundreds of little lights
That I hoped would light your way
And guide you back here safely

As soon as they met your hard exterior
They faded
Extinguished by your anger

Then suddenly
Out of the clouds
Your there walking towards me
And every part of me is shaking

My head is telling me to run away from it all
Telling me I'm not healed enough yet
To make it through anymore pain
And yet my heart holds me there
I can't walk away

Your tears drown you
Your vulnerability makes my heartache
All I can do is reach out to you
And hold you too me
And hope that somehow
That will make a difference

Well I don't know if it will
And I don't know what road we are now walking along
But I'm prepared to do it
With you by my side

Because like a beautiful broken angel
You came back to me
And now I can help you mend your wings
So once again
You can fly


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  • 14 years ago

    by miracle

    Omg this is beautiful....

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