by ..::Angel of your darkness::..   Mar 2, 2022

I lack the concentration
to transfer the information
into a normal conversation
without the need for added explanation
of my limitations
or personal complications
while I try hide my desperation
tightly wound up in moderation
so that I don't cause a manifestation
of my trials and tribulations
by own devastation
at the lack of dedicatoin
caused by my parents condemnation
Where I did not earn their admiration
just suffer their manipulation
while delcaring my appreciation
for my own isolatoin
from the rest of civilazation
so I lack communication
create my own alientation
social starvation
leading to anticipation
needing others validation
destroying reconciliation
to my own humilation
as I feel my growing hestitation
to just be me.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Saphirx193

    You were always my inspiration. Even now your "about me" section. Itll hurt but I choose to pick up the pen again. Thanks to you. I've read the work of countless writers but none have resonated with me like yours has.

    • Sorry I'm a late seeing this. I'm glad to have inspired you and that you found something to connect to in my writing. There's a certain amount of vulnerability in poetry, in all art forms I suppose. Sometimes we lay ourselves bare and we can't quite be sure how others will see and interpret us... if we're lucky though, our vulnerability makes someone else feel that little less alone in theirs.
      I hope going back to writing gives you what you need x

  • 2 years ago

    by mistake

    Nice to see your writing again

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