Murmur of My Heart

by Sw33ti3   Aug 10, 2009

Please don't be nice to me.
Don't make me smile.
Don't make me laugh.
Stay away for awhile.

Please do not talk to me.
Don't look me in the eye.
Don't try to get closer.
Stay away for awhile.

I've done it before,
I fell for the guy,
But it all ends the same.
Stay away for awhile.

You occupy my every thoughts,
My heart and my soul.
So just do me this favour,
And stay away for awhile.

I won't be able to bear it,
If my heart falls apart,
And you can be the cause,
So stay away for awhile.

Slowly as my love for you,
That I carry in my heart,
Will slowly fade away,
If you stay away for awhile.

Please understand,
That I'm trying to let you go,
Trying to accept that we're just friends,
So stay away for awhile.

And as I watch
As you slowly walk away,
My head says this is good,
While my heart murmurs "Please stay,
for more than just awhile".


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