English Assignment

by Sw33ti3   Aug 10, 2009

"Tonight please write two poems,
With eight or more lines,
Don't forget metaphors,
And your poems must rhyme."

That's what my English teacher
Assigned us to do,
As he writes this on the chalkboard,
I'm thinking, "That's my cue!"

See I used to be a poet,
But it's been a long time,
Since I picked up a pen,
And busted out in rhymes.

And yet I can't help thinking,
That I'll be the one to blame,
When people rip their poems up,
'cause mine puts theirs to shame.

And so it be written,
So it be done,
I think to myself
That this will be fun.

In my room I sit,
With a blank piece of paper.
I look at the clock,
It's been an hour later.

The tap tapping of my pen,
Is driving me insane!
The blank paper is evidence,
That I'm all talk and no game.

What do I write about?
What can I say?
"You are the sunshine,
That brightens up my day"?

I don't think the world needs
Another cheesy pick up line,
So I'll think of something else,
That's amazing and sublime.

I still don't know what to write about,
And I'm trying to find a flow,
But I'll put my pen to paper.
Ready, set, go!


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