Riding beside YOU

by Big hersh   Aug 15, 2009

I get into the car
and sit in the driver seat next to you
we prepare for our journey of midnight scares
and you know I'm scared
but i continue to go
knowing it will make you smile
and i myself enjoy it
just knowing you will be there beside me

we reach our first destination
as we pull up on that bridge
you notice i begin to get as low as possible in my seat
for it makes me feel safer and less afraid
although it would never really keep me from anything
I'm OK with that though knowing your sitting beside me

i cover my my ears with the fear of hearing something
you call me a big baby
and i smile back knowing your right
you grab my hand keeping me from covering my ears
i begin to freak and we drive off because of my fear
you look over and laugh at me and again call me names
but you are only being funny
not meaning to hurt me with your words
even though they are true lol

we head to our next destination
and talk a little more like we always do
as we pull up to our second haunt
i again begin to crouch down in my seat while driving
and you again begin to laugh at me
we drive through the dark road
with the excitement of knowing something could happen
but does not always turn out that way
as we drive further down the dark road
i look over catching you staring at me
and i gaze into your eyes
i begin to think you could be the one
knowing only the future holds the answer to that
as we reach the end of the dark scary road
we are quickly chased out by one of the locals
just for being down there almost every day already
we drive faster in fear of getting caught
as we pull away and begin to get further from the haunt
we both laugh from the adrenaline
running through our bodies
and we both begin to laugh at each other
and make fun of each other
as we start to talk about the way we both looked
from us both being scared

we then start our long journey back to where we started
i look over at you while I'm driving and smile
and notice that you had fallen asleep because your tired
for we have been driving for a few hours already
and it was nearly four o clock in the morning
as i drive silently through the night back to our start
i look up and notice the clear sky
full of stars so bright and beautiful
kind of the way you make me feel inside
when I'm around you
for you make me forget about all my worries
and i begin to feel like i could fly up around the stars
that i lay my eyes upon while we drive home together

we get back to our starting point
i get out to hug you one last time
before we meet again the next day to do it all over
you kiss me before you walk away
we have done this routine for about two and half months
and it is soon coming to an end
for i am leaving to go back to school
these past months have been my best in a long time
it will soon begin again when i come home for visits
but i want you to know that
I'm going to miss riding beside YOU


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