by Big hersh   Oct 15, 2011

Closed like a box
no openings to be found
not even light the most flexible thing
can penetrate this box
this box is solid
I'm trapped and scared
I'm safe in this box for i know it well
and nothing can hurt me in here
but in here I'm alone
i am my own world in this box
feelings are no issue for me here
for i have no one in here to share feelings with
one less thing to worry about
or is it
being in this box there is no one to talk to
no one to laugh with
and no one to get close to
i have only trapped myself into this box
for i am the one who built it
over time my box becomes old
there is a crack in my box
a beam of light on the other side breaks through
like a newborn taking its first breath
the light pierces my skin
i feel the warmth
its such a good feeling
different but good
its like one of your childhood friends
begging you to come out and play
but I'm scared
i don't know this world
yet it feels so good
i finally make the decision
i break through my box
and with it comes a feeling like no other
scary but i can deal with it
i have no need to fear anymore
for all i can do is learn
this worlds always gonna be dangerous
whether I'm in the box or out of it
i only live once
I'm wasting my time in this box
i don't want to be in its darkness anymore
its time to live


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