As rare as gold and diamonds

by Big hersh   Apr 9, 2010

Is there anything in the world left such as happiness
can we say that there really even is happiness
unless your bill gates or close i cant see how
happiness is even in mans dictionary

happiness is a rare treasure
like diamonds and gold
its one of those things that seem to be
only in fairy tales

where do we look for it
where do we go for it
when and where we look and go
it is no where to be found even when you try to find it

what does a man have to do
for just a little bit of happiness
what is a man to do
for just a taste of happiness

for happiness is as rare as diamonds
for we humans just gave up on looking for them
now we make them in labs
and call a man made diamond a diamond

but we cant make happiness in labs
for happiness is an emotion
an emotion we humans crave
but cant always have

you tell me where to look for happiness
and ill look
you tell me where to find happiness
and ill see if i can find it

but chances are you don't even know yourself
does anyone know
does anyone really even know what happiness is
ask yourself

truth be told we don't know
not until you have been through pain
and not everyone goes through pain
for pain itself is sometimes misunderstood

falling down and scraping you knee is not pain
your little brother hitting you is not pain
pain is when you cant even talk to your own people
pain is when you cant even be
or feel safe in your own home

so where is happiness
will we ever know
for happiness seems to be becoming
as rare as gold and diamonds
happiness where are you


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