Is it a word we say?

by Jess Shaw   Aug 28, 2009

What is this word we say
Is it the feeling that when we meet someone
Butterflies fly so free
That when we close our eyes
Its the only person we see

When the nights are so cold
We yearn for that person to hold
That when the world turns its back to us
They turn it back round

When they smile your heart skips a beat
There the only person you want to meet
Your hands fit there the perfect size
When you leave one another inside apart of you dies

And even those things that annoyed yo
Somehow you love them more each day
No matter how hard you try the feeling wont go away

Your lips meet and you kiss
You cannot help but smile
Giggling away your so happy
You hope it last for a little while

And even when you argue and your heart is dieing inside
You know the feeling for them will never die

This word called love
Is much more then a word
Its much more then feeling
Its a destiny for to people
And when you have to let go
You miss them so much that they'll never know

This is the hardest thing ive ever had to do
Knowing that inside i can never let go
And from now on there will be no me and you

For my fiance Dean


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