Never Let Go

by Jess Shaw   Aug 8, 2008

The twinkle in the nights sky
Lets me know your alright
And the breeze that whips my hair
Lets me hear your laughter

The foot steps in the snow
Shows how big you’ve grown
Music sounds like angels
Lets me know your loved

My tears taste like blood
Lets me know your blood runs thick
My hands grasp life
Lets me know your still alive

My mind whispers your name
Lets me no you still remember me
I still imagine you in my arms
Lets me know you need me

I still remember the day
When the angels took you hand
They took you to freedom
One day I will meet you there

This time I’ll never let go


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  • 13 years ago

    by Tammi

    I love this poem and I can so relate to it it is sad yet it shows true love great piece of art u have here keep it up 5/5