My Child; My Soul; My Murder

by Jess Shaw   Sep 1, 2008

My child; My Soul; My Murder
I'm trying to rinse the blood from my hands
I'm trying to dry my weeping sorrows

Your body barley a human
Is burnt like Guy Folk's
Your little fingers; Caressing Gods hand
I'm sobbing; I'm a murderer

Murderer they chant in this cold hospital
The walls echo they know all to well
My stomach twists these knots
Yet my heart cuts my chest deep

Your eyes; There watching Shakespeare write
Your hands; paint with Van Gogh
Little child i left you even before; We met

James? You could have stood on Mount Everest
Elizabeth? You could have sang to the world
I will never know, i only taste the regret

My hands are stained with your blood
My tears; will pour forever

My Child; My Soul; My Murder
My womb lies empty
Yet i can feel you in my arms

And as i weep; I weep for you
The family we could have been

I am your Mother
You are my Child
Yet God chose to take you away

For my unborn baby


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