I Cry

by BornAgainWriter   Sep 8, 2009

It's only when the sun light blooms,
My mind is attacked and surrendered,
To the smiles that everyone else wears;
Proudly or saddly but hiding the frowns.

My prayers are seldomly even answered,
People ignore the shit out of me sometimes,
And I can't stand to be invisible anymore,
People not caring if I'm smiling or not.

I have to many responsibilities now a days,
That keeps me from thinking about you,
I never forget what you look like, ever,
Sometimes now, I do forget and I cry.

Hoping that you aren't forgetting me too,
Your voice slips the one part of my brain,
Where I can hear you, even when you're-
Not talkng to me....not even talking to me.

I cry, waiting for responses I know that I-
Won't ever get expecting them from you,
I don't expect anything from you anymore,
In fact, I could care less if you loved me.


Like you had always said that you did,
I can't do anything about your feelings,
I have my own life, with or without you,
It's up to you to be apart of me, forever.

Or not.


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