Pretty Hospice nurse says, "Probably. Yeah."

by Mitelia   Sep 18, 2009

Stop it, you're
making me dream about you.

a pitiless slaughter.
you sleep. i cry.
DRUM ROLL, please..
drop hand shakes
shaky knees
caps bleed with sticky salt
mommy speaks,
her breath is
her words itch
that spot in the middle of my back
hard to reach

stop it, you're making me

dream about you;

You're lying on a hospital bed in your own f---ing room. (loops to love you through).What's that white stuff? On his forehead? Pretty Hospice nurse says ,"Oh, those are just crystals. They're his body shutting down. That's all." That's all. That's all? He's my dad. He's Superman. That can't be all. So, Can he hear me? Watery eyes are

Blurring my vision.
Making it hard to focus
Daddy, how did you get so
Bones jag out at
Harsh angles.
Pretty Hospice nurse says, "Probably. Yeah."
So I lean in close and wipe some of
Those death crystals from his forehead.
Just whisper in his ear.
Three words.
The monitors beep.

They sing soft dirges to my 12 year-old world

Every guy I meet can never be him

Every poem is said in his voice
Every hug, his arms
Every muse, his spirit
Every look, his brown eyes
I am disgusted with myself.

stop it, you're

making me
dream about you.
(dimples make holes
slow to cheeks
easy rot)

Quick breaths. Chest heaves. Beep, beep of the lung cancer machine.

"Don't forget me."

Dedicated to; the very first love of every girl's life- her father. that should never be taken away.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Krista

    Simply beautiful. There's no words really. I teared up a little reading this.

    Favorited & Nominated.


  • 12 years ago

    by Cayce

    I seriously have tears rolling down my face.
    There's nothing else to say. Sorry.


  • 12 years ago

    by Tammi

    Wow this is amazing and I just lost my dd to cancer6-6-09 so I relate to this so much and I was with him as he died as was my mom thanks for sharing this poem 5/5