The moonlit dancer

by cory   Sep 25, 2009

I'm sitting on a moonlit knoll
A shape emerges from the brush
The beauty of her movement's unknown to the rest of the world
As the dancing figure nears my heart tries to throw up bars to protect itself
But it's too late and every move she makes plunges me into desperate yearning for her
I try to speak, but she moves so soundly I am afraid the slightest noise will send her running
So I sit in silence with the star's shining bright and the dancer moving sweetly across the dewy grass
My soul is at peace and I rest wanting the dance to never end
She gets farther and farther away
I try to reach for her before she's gone
But it's too late
She disappears into the forest
Seemingly as soon as she came she was gone
Leaving my heart in disrepair
I come to the same spot every night awaiting her return
I stare up into the star studded sky night after night
Pondering what I've missed
What could have been but never was
Wondering how life would have been if i had made the effort
She never returns


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  • 14 years ago

    by Jade

    I realy like this poem alot.
    nice job.