Risen from the ashes

by cory   Dec 10, 2009

Life forever in ashes
I thought the pain would not stop
You emerged from the shadows
And somehow I came out on top

This darkness inside I swear we will kill
Your deepest desires I vow to fulfill
I'll never stop til I make these things right
My past might be sketchy,but we can't stop this fight

A battle within turned this dark into light
Always charging forward with all of our might
I know we can make it, fated deemed it to be
Implant burning passion inside you and me

The lessons I've learned, i cannot forget
Were destined to be, by the fires we lite
An angel has dropped, down to my side
And only her will ,could make me survive

As I pledged my life, to her in a breathe
I know this one decision , I'll never regret
A warrior in chain's, has turned from the steel
And pushed from the dark as she taught me to feel

Her word's are like ice, and they chill to the bone
This man that I was, made of iron and stone
Must die on this night, who I was must be freed
As we took the first steps, forward you will lead

My life is controlled by this dream that we see
Cause only in here will we ever be free
Together I know we could pass any test
And lay our past demons, forever to rest

I wake in the night and I feel her caress
She cannot stop her passion, to straiten this mess
The nightmares they stop, but just for this night
She kills all the pain and makes everything right

So far away, but she still feels my pain
These demons inside, she could always restrain
I try to lash out, but i feel her beside
Inside my soul, this love cannot hide

I love you, I know
I can finally be free
You've given me all the tools i could need
I won't ever leave you cause i know this is real
No way of hiding this thing that we feel. <3


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