by cory   May 4, 2011

Just a dead memory,lost in the depths of my heart
A field that was built just for you
Filled with the crimson buds of roses
Each one a kiss, a touch, a smile
A word
I love you
So vivid
So alive
So warm, the frost could never piece their core
Nothing could make them wither
No one could kill their grace

The winter just over, seems like an eternity away
The bitter cold, just a memory in the back of my mind
I guard them
I'm obsessed
No one will share this
This feeling
So pure
So true
So dense, the strongest gust could never carry it away
Nothing could stop it
No one could take this away

Full of thorns that could pierce a stone
Pierce my heart
Make it bleed
But why?

Then came the frost
The Penetrating cold of every winter past
Making it solid
Something you could touch
Feeling the bitter winters wrath within
Each evil glance, drew the cold in more
Every crossed word, made the impossible reality

I love you
The field starts to wither
I love you
Someone comes to steal their grace
I love you
But I don't

And all that's left is a dead memory
A withered field of immense past beauty
When I go there now the black leaves make me shudder
I can't bear it any longer
Cut it out
Take it out and light it on fire
Destroy it
I won't fight
I'm done


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