Your Smile

by DMG   Oct 13, 2009

It's been way too long
Since I smiled with you,
But I've held on
Just to smile with you
I don't need you to hold my hand.
I just need to smile
With you.
I need to see you smile -
It's true.

Yours truly,

[It's been way too long
Since I last laughed with you,
But I've stayed strong
With the help of a memory.
You and I,
We lied together;
It was December 23 some years ago.
You laughed so hard your eyes teared up.
That was enough
To hold me over until now.
I need to hear you laugh again -
I need to laugh with you again.

Yours forever,
Once upon a time]

Do you remember when
That same night
We lied side by side in our pajamas.
You gave me a box filled with nostalgia -
A little Gatorade bottle
Amongst other things - I kept them all
Still to this very day.
Under the covers
I asked for your hand
And I slid a ring upon your finger.
Inscribed upon it our names,
I love you and you loved me.
I remember your smile.

You said forever,
He who thought it true all the while

[Do you believe in fairy tales?
That postcard in the mail -
It arrived after I'd returned home,
But it was dying then.
Do you remember when
We could believe in happy endings?
I still like to dream,
But I can read between
The lines of that dream we had.
But I still miss your laugh
And even through the bad
I always smiled thinking we would last.]

No, I knew we'd last.

[Oh, you knew we'd last.]

One more chance...

[Goodbye now forever.]

I used to make you smile.
We used to laugh together
And all the while
I thought that we would last forever.
But just as every story must,
Ours came to an end.

I'll always miss your smile,
Your dearest friend


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