A time..

by GoRgEoUs TONI   Oct 19, 2009

"""Time and a season

There is different places of peace- quiet-serene
with a comfortable atmosphere yet graceful and unique
a place where your enemies may gather about you
spirits of strong discernment enables to try and pouch you
a rock that stands firm in the midst of a storm
or a powerful stronghold that keeps you safe and warm
a shoulder to cry on, a voice that comforts the soul
a whole lot of guilty follies that�s been exposed
a smile that warms your heart, a house that�s a home
but many houses are just houses because the fathers are gone
a family that loves you, a friend thats by your side
eternity that resides, within the worlds demise
a mother that will never forget you, a father that�s a "daddy "
time is more valuable because the memories hold the value
a baby that rekindles faith, a child that believes
that ignorance is the root of all evil, and truth is deceived
a man with no reason to wonder, a woman with no reason to cry
but her character will get her far, not the looks from outside
a heart that has never been broken, a tear of pure joy
sickness are cured, aids-cancer is free from little girls and boys
a tree that bears good fruit, and a mind that conceives
a time to atone....a-place-where-families-meet...


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