Lifes comprimises

by GoRgEoUs TONI   Oct 19, 2009

"Phillipians 3:12-14"

hard dreams-deception, and misconception
fresh ideas, enemies and fears of acceptance
irrelevant thoughts, battles lost, but won wars
incomplete but proverbs 16:7 has got me far
an misunderstanding of a time and a season
knowing continually that stuff really happens for a reason
I feel out of control, time bombs in my head
its speaking false prophesies, demonic, from the dead
my nanny said "my attitude determines my altitude"
she told me that young, and her morals did abuse
my thoughts cause what she said then, later made me wise
it made me bold, humble, yet boisterous at times
but time to press rewind I feel as if I changed
from sassy to diligent to a respectful mind frame
the one who you think against you are really for you
the masks that appear to judge you, really adore you
but I�ve learned to bridle my tongue and just relax
for everyone make mistakes cause "great" is what we lack
and never think that you seem to know it all
surly as you rise like Donnie McClurkin we fall
yes I know that this poem may have sounded belligerent
but we all have past and present drama, some, are still living em


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