Silent skies

by missy   Nov 23, 2009

I don't know why i always fall into this
asking silent skies why you're the one i miss
my soul just keeps on burning ashes getting in my eyes
this world just keeps on turning as i search for silent skies
broken, shattered and torn, it's the life that's meant for me
wishing i was never born cuz I'm always feeling sorry
you were picture perfect but you burned in the flames
i don't think it's worth it cuz it burned me in vein

through this silence my heart keeps screaming
it'll be alright just keep on dreaming
but I'm in the wrong direction, I've gone against the earth
i feel a sick infection, I'm breathing in a curse
all remedies evaporated from the deadly heat
you take my heart and amputate it, leaving me feel weak
now burning to ashes to rise as dust
silent skies I'm asking, "who can I trust?'


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