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I like writing & reading poems! So plz rate and comment mine, I'd gladly do the same.

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  • Country : Canada
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Latest Poems By missy

  • I don't know why i always fall into this
    asking silent skies why you're the one i miss...

  • Each hand is a book with a story to tell
    each line expresses its time through hell...

  • Shadows overcome the shattered pieces of love
    for days and days glass rained from the skies...

  • Though hate attacks, love is my shield
    though hate can hurt, love`s got me healed...

  • How is it that your heart changes as quick as your...
    how did things fall apart and stayed so far...

Latest Quotes By missy

  • If u hide forever u will always be in the dark

    14 years ago
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  • How is it that your heart changes as quick as your mind?
    How is it the parts are too hard to find?
    how is it you left without a word to say?
    How is it I regret leaving you that day?

    15 years ago
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  • You have to fall in the dark to be seen as a rising star

    15 years ago
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