I'll Always Love You-Part 2.

by babblingxbrooke   Dec 20, 2009

Once again I sit here writing this,
And once again my vision blurs.
Because once again I'm thinking about you,
Once again the feeling of hurt occurs.

I can't help but feel like it's my fault,
But deep down I know it's not.
Because I'm not the one who chose this path,
Of losing relationships but gaining pot.

I know you think you're getting better,
That these drugs are some kind of cure,
For all the pain and heartache you've lived,
But I'm sorry cause I'm pretty sure,

That these drugs are doing nothing,
But destroying you even more,
Because you're nothing like the girl,
I remember from years before.

I always used to envy you,
Because it seemed like you could break down walls.
But as the months progressed,
I watched you and your strength fall.

I never wanted to lose you,
And it's not my fault I did.
I would have done anything,
To help you break this habit.

Just remember one thing,
In everything that you do,
Not only are you hurting yourself,
But you are destroying apart of me too.


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