by AGirlWorthFightingFor   Jan 17, 2010

Colorful shades of blue flit past avoidant green
and specks of gold flake off upon unkempt, greasy brown
to pale white skin, bleeding fast

so hopeless when emotionless
upset, or angry at the world, depressed by failures
unconsidered so, mere invention
in love with this painful rage, regression

fear of success, raised expectations
a slave to the grindstone, results make
a mirror after these eyes

selfish, self-love, suffering silent, possession
grips the heart of the one obsessed
by the object of such grotesque affections, unrequited

a prison of torment, seemingly neverending
self-made bars drive through memory's membrane
dragging the present by chains, widdling a key
from the excess metal between sharpened teeth

freedom obtained by but new shackles
a word embodied by each new temporary
deviation from the norm

love the lack of strings
feelings polarized
no forced intimacy
just chemical reactions

a turn on to so few
as messed up as transgressors go
but thoroughly functional
relatively speaking

may be wearing these entrapments
for awhile
constricting desire
for everything else life is meant to be


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