Haunted By A Goth Kid

by AGirlWorthFightingFor   May 16, 2008

An indifferent ghost
follows me
his eyes are as black
as his humor
Watching me, judging me
dissecting my every step upon these brick sidewalks
across campus in the middle of spring
when the sky is grey
his hair is blue
to match the ice around his heart
Staring me down
Even his pale promiscuous girlfriend hates me now
My past follows me in the form of
an emo goth boy standing at 5'4
Spreading the gospel of all my misdeeds,
evil actions, revenges with the best intentions
Labelled self-righteous, a martyr
I'm kind of flattered
to think anything I might've written could have mattered
I'd have settled for idiot or jerk
but why disguise the truth in kinder,
simpler words?


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