Many Days Of Knowledge

by WakingFreedom   Jan 25, 2010

There is many days of knowledge
inside this heart of mine
of a concrete love made frozen
in the midst of time
this love i speak about
carelessly crafting a world of chaos
exists in the linings of my lullaby
to others it just seems to be
a fairytale, gone and lost
soaring high and flying low
it plays notes of a melody
upon this sky of blue
angelic voices dancing along
the lines of gravity
of a love so beautiful
soon my sky turns from blue
to a gray then a black
and my heart crumbles under the storm
and falls into pieces of many
the threats of heartache seemed so far away
but here they conquer now
casting shadow like tumors
upon the happiness i had
and thrashing every bit
into a hole of darkness
i see the pity in many of
the eyes that i pass
just wanting to suffocate me into
a swirling mixture of cloudless
memories and deafening sobs
of a throbbing heart
the greatest moments of time
collapse upon each other and
remain hidden in the overflowing
closet of my lingering soul
i just created a fantasy once
magical inside this confused
mind that i used to own
and now i suffer from delusional
thoughts that you would be
walking back into a life that
was once real
what remains now
is the many days of knowledge
inside this heart of mine
of a broken love made healing
by the midst of time

[[Authors note:: Sorry about the grammar and everything. I am not in the mood to make corrections about the minor things.]]


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  • 9 years ago

    by KJ

    There was a lot of emotion in this write. I have read a few of your poems, and they all are filled with voice and imagery. You have done a great job with your choice of description here. I wouldn't change a thing about it. As you said in the Author's Note, you were just writing what you were feeling; so no change needs to be done. Overall, very beautiful write. I wouldn't dare give this anything less than a 5.

    Great write.