Watch The Magic Fade Away

by DirgeVenustas   Feb 12, 2010

Threw the pendilum as it swings
Deeper does its agony ring
To abate my happiness
As the abyss seems to progress

Proceding in on at beauty at rest
Watch the magic fade away as she bleeds
Follow the reaper where ever he leads

Mental armageden sees all in flight
While beautys unrest lays into plight
Guillotine counciling while it swings
Like a puppet with broken strings
While the wound begins to sting

Beauty watches as the good start to die
But she wonders why no one will cry
Joyfull remorse in the form of a herse
Eulogys forgotten as speach lost a verse

Heaven insaine in her cyanide eyes
Silently as beauty begins to die
Colder now does her flesh begin to feel
Still flowered, innocence has no on to steal
Sit back and let her die slowly
Just leave her be, and let her be lonely


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  • 8 years ago

    by Randy East

    I see the life slowly depleting from the personage in this poem. As if they are watching it in a horrifying realization as if happens slowly. Whether it be the death of the body or just a slow death of their life. I really like some of the more extravagant words you used in this poem as well
    another enjoyable one... thanks.

    Did you add me to your fav Authors list. I did you.

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