Never Too Late

by Shinobi   Mar 5, 2010

A safeguard to a sacred place
Shows a field of marvelous dreams
Full of colors, beauty and grace
Lighten by thousands of beams

Living filled with sorrow and pain
Black dawns to darker dusks each day
Hearts decay to a remark of a stain
Deeper we sink, no reluctance to stay

Stars seized shining long ago
Hope left leaving only confusion
Each day waking to a death row
Leading to the final conclusion

Ages had past, life now changed
Light spreads across a new dawn
Stars once again rearranged
Heart's no longer cold as stone

Her sight and voice calms the wind
Such grace from stories never told
Disclaiming her past for a new life
Heated up from a time so cold

This safeguard lead me astray
To a field of a marvelous fate
Where she stands by my side
Now, I know, it's never too late


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  • 9 years ago

    by Karl Wild GG23

    Once again the poem was great until you ruined the rhyme scheme in the last couple stanza's, I'm not sure why you did that? First and third lines rhymed the whole poem then you didn't rhyme those lines the last 2 stanza's and it would have been so much better if you kept the original style. I won't downvote based on that but I think changing the last 2 stanzas would be a good idea... nicely done otherwise