A Sorrowful Ending.

by Tangible heartache   May 11, 2010

She Walked In A Black Forest,
Past Dead, Decaying Trees,
Burnt Leaves Falling Like Rain,
On Frozen Ground From Winters Freeze.

The Moon Appeared Like A Haunting Shadow,
Watching This Girl Walk This Forgotten Trail,
Black Ravens Sang Of A Terrible Depression,
Terror Settles Over, Like A Choking Veil.

The Wind Howls Like A Hurt, Lone Wolf,
Striking Her Cold Down To Her Core,
It Hurt To Feel Such Terrible Pain,
Like She Couldn't Feel Happiness No More.

Leaves Danced Around Her Wickedly,
Taunting Her, They Whipped In Her Face,
Making Her Taste Deaths Fury Itself,
She Would Never Leave This Place.

Lightening Slashed At The Ground,
Opening Up Her Menacing Tomb,
What She Did Was A Petty Crime,
To Land Her In Destruction Of Doom.

This Poem Was Written By Makalah On May 11, 2010


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