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My words are my weapons but there also your medicine, I will protect you from pain, and be your light amongst darkness, theres an overwhelming love that swims in your veins, these lyrics are forever real never no gimick, im so glad the moon borrows like from the sun cuz your eyes borrow light from the moon, its dark but with your smile you brighten up the moon, the wind loves to dance with your hair, and your laugh keeps evil in its place, take a chance on me dont be scared, i guarantee my love will never change, with the seed to a stem, and the hum of the wind, forever we`ll grow, we`ll sprout into a sun flower and our love with be formidable, take a chance on me and forever loved you will be. -Lyric-
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  • Amongst all darkness remains light.

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  • Amongst all Darness. The Heart stands Strong.

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