My Star In The Sky

by Nic39uy   Jun 30, 2010

Has it really been three years already?
(I nod my head) Had some crazy times didn't we?
A lot of ups and down but it was worth it, right?
(Looking at her) Of course it was,
Otherwise we wouldn't be here talking would we?
(Smiling) You're right; didn't mean to doubt your friendship
It's ok; don't worry about it,
As long you're here, that's all that matters

(Leaning on my shoulder) gazing into the Heavenly night sky
The stars, aren't they gorgeous?
Always shimmering bright into the night
Just like the sparkles in your eyes
(Giggles) That's so corny but...charming of you
Pick a star, any star and I will grab it for you
(Looks at me weirdly) That's physically impossible you know

(Pshh) Nothing is impossible, trust me, and just pick a star
Alright then (she looks around) Ah ha, that one
Oh, that's a nice one and a hard one too
All right here I go, ready? (Preparing to jump)
(Missed the first time) Hehe you didn't get it (sticks out her tongue)
It's tough but just be patient and this time I'll get it
(Jumped up again) Whoa the star is gone!!!

Of course it's gone silly, because it's in my hand
(Rolls her eyes) I know you're just messing with me
(Placing my palm in front of her) Open it then
(Anxiously she opens up to see) A ring?
(Looks at me with tears in her eyes) it's a promise ring
Yup, I promised you two years ago I'll get one for you and
I promise I'll always...
(Placing her hand over my heart)
Cherish You and Love You...

1:24 AM


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  • 9 years ago

    by LaLaROX

    This was so heart warming and pretty lol

  • 9 years ago

    by mossgirl19

    Ohh...this is very makes me fall in love.she's a lucky're a good writer.