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Sup y'all? as you can see I'm a NG, no "No Good" but a "Nice Guy" lol I do what a nice guy usually does, help out friends in their time of need, always there to have a shoulder so they can cry, lean, or hit. always there supporting you 110% of the time no matter where you are, kicking his butt after he broke your heart or there to pick you up when he stood you up.

Why do I do this? it's just life is harsh and going through it alone is truly tough, but why not go through it with another person, that way we can help each other with each other problems and by the time you know it, the clouds are gone and the sun is shining bright into your life, and brings out that gorgeous smile of yours which you've been hiding.

lately i been having writers block, something we writers fear most but unfortunately it does happen to most of us. it could be all sorts of things that can make us get this disease, but for me it's lack of motivation, just can't think or write the way i used to back in the days. cuz i'm getting old lol ok maybe not but actually cuz of past memories haunting me still. but i'm getting it back slowly but steadily.

it's been a long time, two years as a matter of fact, a lot of things happen, some I wish I could go back in time to change, but that wouldn't be living life, it be cheating life and I should just appreciate what I have and live with it.

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