by Elynnka   Aug 28, 2010

You were a specter, a mirage provoked by the radiating moon.
Its playful rays deceived me with their drawings in night's gloom;
The lines they traced formed the figure of a man, but just as I feared,
When I tried to touch your face the lines that shaped it disappeared,
When I tried to hold your hand, I grasped nothing but cold air;
I cringed and closed my eyes, to open them I would not dare.
It was as if I was blind, reaching out for nothing within darkness of night,
It was as if I was crazed, confounded by the moon's shimmering light.

Were you a specter? A mirage painted by the moon's rays?
Your perfect features have haunted me throughout many days,
Along with the pain that bloomed within me and the bittersweet taste
That you left in my mouth when your lips dissolved away with haste
Before I could even press my own against them, before I could even try -
The winds banished you so swiftly, didn't even get to kiss goodbye.

You were a specter. A mirage. The heartless moon deceived me.
Its silver rays weaved the figure of a soul mate cunningly.
Your eyes and the look within them, your face and its expression,
They were all nothing but a self induced hallucination.


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