A Failure Which You Love

by Elynnka   Apr 27, 2008

A solitary existence hanging by life's frail strings
Wanders through the night running from beatings,
Seeking shelter from the cruel reality at home -
Stranded, abandoned, but never truly alone.

A mask outworn has failed to hide what lies within;
Its cracks can't help but show these scars from sin,
But in his eyes the past is nothing but the past
And this forgotten demon by an angelic face is surpassed.

A smile which failed to deceive sadness so many years
Now oppresses all the strife of these long dried tears
And for him it lightens the dark like the light of day -
No need to pretend; there's nothing to frighten away.

Finally, these eyes which still hide the door to her soul well,
They're nothing but stars that can brighten darkness of Hell;
They hide nothing because there's nothing to really hide
From someone who wants to know every bit of your inside.


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