Thoughts for a Dying Man

by Elynnka   Jun 24, 2009

A pain like ravens digging through your skin
Trying their best to destroy what's within -
A soul barely hanging onto the flesh tattered,
A heart barely beating under a sternum shattered.

Remnants of a memory soon fading, a glimpse of hope -
All the necessary feelings that could help you cope
With walking down the path of Death too soon;
Your eyes will see nothing but the intensifying gloom.

A pain excruciating like vermin consuming
Your organs before they start decomposing
Sends cold chills down your collapsing spine,
Announcing the proximity of your dying time.

Remnants of a life slowly fading, a glimpse at Death -
Holding onto your soul till your very last breath,
You gasp for air but your lungs inhale suffocation;
Vital signs disappear in spite of your determination.


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