Beyond The Sky!!

by Ankita Chobey   Oct 1, 2010

When the silence does'nt break for hours,
And the clouds hide all the stars,
The raindrops disappear drenching the earth,
I sit alone in thy dearth.

I feel I am losing myself in addiction,
Seems like some mystic fiction,
A Fiction so beautiful,
The silence so blissful.

The music in the air,
Kind of magic everywhere,
I am singing to myself,
The story I want to tell.

And the way this eve is dissolving,
Slowly it is involving,
All the tunes, my heart loves to dance on,
All my imaginations I have been dreaming on.

And this lovely dreamy world where I fly,
With my wings beyond the sky,
I desire not to fall with the gravity,
Fly high till I touch the eternity.

The night sky in its embrace,
Watching me in my chase,
Laughing at me at times,
When am lost in my own chimes.

But beyond the sky I can see,
What I could not touch in its glee,
Something I had desired for long,
Something which could be right or could be wrong.

The breeze leaves its peck on me,
When I return to reality,
Not completely sure of my dreamy state,
With senses working and responding late.

I open my eyes in search of my view,
I find some people, some faces I knew,
But vague in the moment I prefer not to try,
Not come out of it and keep following my heart..
Aimlessly flying Beyond The Sky!! :-))


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by KHAN

    Great wrk.

  • 11 years ago

    by Ankita Chobey

    Am little confused, this is not a comment posted by me..?? Then who is that??

  • 11 years ago

    by Ankita Chobey

    Amazed by the style, would like to explore more things resting in your mind ..waiting eagerly for the nxt one..---+