by Stephanie   Oct 7, 2010

Burnt fingertips, frozen coffee, and perfectly rounded love notes.
I'm stuck in this forever, chasing our love with a forgotten map.
And there's no use in even trying to retrace these useless footsteps,
cause their burning prints were violently washed away with our rain.
Vivid, aching memories dance softly on the back of my eyelids,
preventing that restful sleep from coming too easy tonight.
Daddy always said that love was meant for those who were lost;
could it be that the man who knew no love was correct after all?
Cause my trembling heart is achin' with a pain that burns tremendously,
And my fingertips are black from touching your skin through these years.
I'm shaking in my bed alone tonight; alone... right where you left me,
and I'm shaking, trembling, and erupting with the terrors you left behind.

October 7, 2010
(c) Stephanie Lynn


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