Right Where You Want Me

by Stephanie   Nov 30, 2011

If you try to understand this or decipher it, you'll be lost. I swear. My mind is a complicated place these days... But I write to understand it. This is for me.


Cause it's just another night, another dream wasted on you,
bare hands trembling, what would the lovely monster do?
Stripped down to the nothing of a bottomless nonbeliever,
walking down the rocky path of a hellion for forever.

No darkness, no sunlight, no contrast among the world.
Struck by the sadness, humbled by the bright smiles,
where do you go when you have to travel for miles?

Do this, do that - they all seem to say. Gibberish.
Lalalala. Let's sing away, cause my insides can't comprehend you -
cause damnit, you're not the prey. And you can't undo me.

So touch my hand, kiss my skin, embrace my heart.
Just like you used to. Like you always used to do.
And I will always remember you as the person you were,
as I traipse through the darkness; my seams falling apart.

Devil on my shoulder, the remnants of an angel on my knee -
and you've still got me right where you want me.

November 29, 2011
(c) Stephanie Lynn


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