Let Us Dance

by PassionCourageTriumph   Jan 25, 2011

Let us climb a mountain high
Meet the sun on the other side
Race it to the next set
And beat it to its own rise

Let's stand outside the jungle
And we'll challenge a lion's roar
Run and jump off a cliff
Just to see if we can soar

Let's dive into the ocean
We can sing the mermaids' song
Unlock the sea's secrets
But we'll need air before long

Let us search for a rainbow
To find the ancient pot of gold
Or fly to Neverland
So we will never grow old

Let's lie in each others' arms
And kiss beneath the endless sky
Lost within our sweet dreams
Behind both of our closed eyes


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  • 5 years ago

    by Marky

    Inspirational. The last verse was just gold. Been along time since I've seen this standard. Too bad its 2 years too late. If you ever wanna post, send it to me, Tyler Durden is a big fan, and he's not quite finished. If your ever around, your input in any writes would be priceless. Keep writing.. for the reasons we keep to heart.

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