by PassionCourageTriumph   Aug 11, 2010

Time to take off my make up
And put on my face
Because tonight is the night
I'll go up in flames

You've gotten what you wanted
Then lost all my trust
I am walking away now
My hearts turned to dust

I'm hunched over your body
In my hand, a gun
Sobbing and watching you bleed
Now isn't this fun?

Hysterical amusement
Soul scorched and lifeless
I'm wandering aimlessly
Desiring a kiss

Rummaging for your body
At last I've found it
Handsomely dead and broken
You shouldn't have quit

I bear down upon your lips
Bitter taste of blood
Trickling from the kind embrace
Of what I call 'love'


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  • Hi Kayla. Though your rhyme was off on a couple verses I don't see that as too important . It had a nice flow & told a story very well .I enjoyed reading it .
    I would imagine it to have been a sweet release for you after its completion .
    Well done, keep writing .....5/5.....Jim

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