Things I'll never have.

by Meagan Adelle   Feb 2, 2011

More than anything, I just want someone to say they'd go with me anywhere.
That they'd follow me into the dark.
That they can't live without me.
I want to say the same to them.
I want to love them so deeply I can't breathe.
Everytime I sang, spoke, or danced, it'd be because of them.
Because they make me happy.
Because they make me live.
I want to be foolishly in love.

I want long nights spent fighting.
And long nights in each other's arms.
I want to wake to their eyes as they wake to mine.
I want to be a complete dork with them and giggle uncontrollably.
I want to make the ordinary extraordinary with them.
I want to lay in the sun and name everything beautiful with them.
I just want to lay with them.
I want to question the silence.
And what their thoughts are.
I want to know too.
I want to feel their warmth.
Their skin.
Their touch.
Their love.

I want to want them so bad I ache.
I want them to make me insane.
I want to be hopelessly romantic with them.
I want strolls on the beach,
Candle light dinners,
To lay in a field of flowers for hours with them.
I want midnight trips to walmart.
I want to hear their heart beat in time with mine.
I want to feel their hand in mine.
I want their whispers in my ear.
Their head on my chest.
I want to recklessly love.
I want to scream it to the world.

More than all of this, I want you.
But even more than that, I want you to want me too.


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Reaper

    Thats the kind of relationship i want but never had :( 5/5 beautiful poem!

  • 10 years ago

    by LOvEiSNotFoREvER

    This is so sweet and I love every word !
    it really shows emotion and love pouring out.
    amazing poem
    5/5 <3