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I love to talk, i love to help people, and i'm told i'm hilarious. ---------
Well, I'm not really good with writing poems or anything like that but hey, I try. It helps get things off of my mind most of the time, and it was recommended by friends that I write so I don't continue a bad habit. ---------Self-Mutilation
Yes, I have cut and burned for about 5 years of my life now. It's an addiction. And most times, it seems to be an unbreakable addiction. But I'm once again trying to stop. Easier said than done though. But I'm finally going to be recieving help for it. (There is nothing wrong with therapy no matter what anyone tells you) Going into it may have been one of the hardest things I've ever done, but i'm hoping it will help. (15 months cut free) ---------I'm a very loving person, however sometimes i feel I'll never find love. Why? Because people just seem to take advantage of everything and everyone nowadays. ---------Maybe there really is someone out there for all ofus? ---------I'm single and not looking for someone, I'm waiting to be found. I'm lesbian and I'm proud of it, it's not a choice, it's how I was born and getting it off my chest and not living with that big of a secret feels good. Don't like it? Well, you don't have to talk to me. But I'm usually a nice person who really cares for others and I have a great sense of humor so you'd be missing out. ---------I hate prejudice of any kind, we're all equal ---------I have a bad past that I don't care to talk about very much, I'm trying to get over it. But maybe one day I'll write about it so people have more insight to me. I'm not open with my feelings at all, you have to really dig to get me to talk to you about them. But the best part about that is, if you're able to dig deep enough to find out who I am and get to my feelings, more than likely, you've created a bond with me that will never end nor break.- --------This isn't even a start to who I am or what I'm about and usually I don't do "about me's" or profile things but I figured I would for once. ---------I will listen to anyone's problems or life story. I love learning about other people and I live to help others. So if you need anything or just wanna talk, feel free to message me.

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  • All my dreams are beautiful, but none as beautiful as you. None as beautiful as you.

    11 years ago
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  • Give me hope, give me reason.
    Tell me things to stop the bleeding.
    Give me life, give me freedom.
    This addiction is so misleading.
    Hate me today, save me tomorrow.
    It's too late, bring the sorrow.

    12 years ago
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  • I'm torn apart in this game.
    And i'm dealing with all the shame.
    I'm tired of fighting the day.
    Oh, and i try but it's all the same
    And i can't get ahead of the pain.
    I need someone to show me the way

    Addiction~ Greedy White Citizens

    12 years ago
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