Golden Forest

by A Phoenyx in Flight   Feb 17, 2011

Yellow forest
with spring leaves
like nuggets of gold.

One gust of wind
will send them cascading
to the moss covered floor.

The light peering through
like flecks of diamonds
twinkling and sparkling.

Chirping birds
sing their sweet songs
as wolves make phantom visits.

Two beings stand still
one human one wolf
staring deep into each others eyes.

The forest of the wolves,
the peaceful Golden forest,
waiting for me in my dreams.

Oh how I wish
I could melt into
the golden forest of the wolves.


(inspired by SHIVER the book)


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  • 8 years ago

    by Tom Swart

    I liked your poem quite a bit and enjoyed the images it gave me and the feelings it instilled. Very nice work and i'm glad to be the first commenter and voter here. I always enjoy poems about nature and think this section of poems and quotes is probably the best and my favorite.