The Breeze Beneath Our Wings

by Bradley Peter   Mar 3, 2011

Several minutes ago,
We were buzzing through the air,
As free as we could be,
Without a whisper of a care,
In those few moments,
We truly felt like kings,
Or perhaps more like birds,
The breeze floating through our wings,
Without the use of drugs,
Or the use of booze,
We were sharing a natural high,
That we didn't want to lose,
The sun was shinning warm,
Just about ready to set,
The radio playing softy,
Those were times we won't forget,
Trey was telling jokes,
Michael was at the wheel,
And I, I was just there,
Not believing it was real.

Now the sun has set,
In more ways that one,
Forget about the birds,
The music and the sun,
My eyes open slowly,
Trey's not moving much,
I want to check him out,
But I'm too scared to touch,
There's water in my eyes,
Blood from Trey's ears,
I suddenly stop breathing,
As water turns to tears,
Michael moans lazily,
Thank God he's okay,
But it doesn't make it easier,
When I tell him of Trey,
We both just staring at him,
The three of us totally still,
And I, I was just there,
Not believing it was real


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by mossgirl19

    Ohh, is this a true story? A sad scene, but you have presented it brilliantly. I will be redundant but hey, your rhyming is really great!

    • 4 years ago

      by Bradley Peter

      It's not, but ironically - not that I knew at the time - in just over a year, I would indeed be in a serious car crash with two friends. But no one would die in that one.

      Thank you again for your generous praise. I'm humbled by your words.