Loves Start

by No1ButMe   May 6, 2011

I see you all the time
Maybe just passing by
We exchange glances
And simple little hi
You will go your way
And I will go mine
Tomorrow I will see you
Around the same time
My friends laugh and giggle
And say how cute you are
I say I wouldn't know
I've only seen you from afar
They say I should try
To see if you will talk
How they start to plan it out
As we continue to walk
I look at them, smiling
And reply "no it's okay"
If you wanted to talk to me
Then you would find a way
Maybe it's just a crush
Maybe it can be more
But at this time I don't know
What I'm really looking for
The day passes on
Tomorrow is here before I know
Once again we pass
And there's something you show
A cute quirky smile,
And a sparkle to your eyes
I find myself pulled to you
And I don't seem to know why
My love is hard to gain
And a smile won't capture my heart
But I'll tell you a secret
It's a good place to start.


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  • 8 years ago

    by tainted melody

    I loved this!!! the message was so simple and sweet. It made me smile ^_^ great write